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Arc Gouging

In arc gouging, also known as air carbon arc cutting, metal is removed through heat generated from a carbon arc. An intense electric arc is created between the tip of a carbon/graphite electrode and a metal work piece, which cuts and melts the work piece. As the piece is melted, a blast of compressed air blows the molten metal away from the metal surface.

The main reason to use arc gouging is to remove defective or old welds, in order to repair or dismantle equipment.

Advantages of Arc Gouging:

  • The arc cutting process can done in all directions on the work piece.
  • Because the melted metal is removed quickly, the temperature of the surrounding area of the cut material doesn’t get overheated.
  • Arc gouging can be used on almost all common metals.
  • Scraps can usually be remelted and reused.